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Residential Property Management

For Owners

Looking to rent out your residential property? Whether you need full property management or tenant placement only, our licensed residential team is here to help you seamlessly rent out your home.

Our services include:

  • Marketing and promotion of your property
  • Tenant viewings and extensive tenant screening - 7 days a week!
  • Experienced rental negotiations and tenant communications
  • Customized residential tenancy agreements
  • Rent collection and electronic owner deposits
  • Move-in and move-outs and security deposit reconciliation
  • Routine property inspections
  • On call 24/7
  • Organize repairs and maintenance
  • Enforce tenancy agreements and handle tenant disputes
  • Detailed monthly and annual owner statements

Position your property at its optimum rental rate while relaxing as your investment grows. Our dedicated and licensed new owners team is ready to rent your home successfully using our proven Four Key Service System.

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Unfurnished and Furnished Rentals

For Tenants

Looking for a property to rent?? Our licensed rental consultants are experts in finding homes that meet your specific requirements and are dedicated to delivering an outstanding experience while doing it.

We offer tenant placement and property management services. For renters, this means that we search through our proprietary inventory for our rental listings that fit your criteria and conduct complimentary tours for any that appeal to you.

Our rental properties are:

  • Carefully selected high-end and well-maintained properties
  • Unfurnished or furnished units
  • Long-term (minimum one year) or short-term rentals (minimum 1 month)
  • A wide range…everything from studios, condos, houses, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and laneway homes right up to gated, private and waterfront estates.
  • Located in the best neighborhoods and the most sought after areas throughout the Greater Vancouver area

If you’d like to move forward with one of our rentals, we ask for you to fill out a rental application, provide landlord references and proof-of-income. Once you are approved, we can present your offer to the owner for approval. This service is completely FREE. With over 21 years of exceptional service, you can be confident that your new home is ready for your arrival. Find your new rental with us today.


Need more rental options? Our Custom Rental Search Service helps you find, view and secure rentals BEYOND our current proprietary inventory of rental listings. Maybe you are moving here from out of town, settling into a new career or busy with day-to-day life commitments. Whatever the reason may be…let us do the legwork for you!

We know how hard it is to find quality properties to rent and so often places that are advertised are not what they appear to be.

However, once we exhaust the options within our own inventory of properties this is where the Custom Rental Search can be implemented.

By implementing our Four Key Service System we are able to help you narrow down what would truly work for you.

  • We LISTEN to what you need in a rental property. We comb through the different rental platforms, property management sites, Craigslist and ads from individual owners to find available properties that meet your criteria.
  • From there we ADVISE you of the options that we find and arrange a time for you to view them.
  • We work towards finding the perfect MATCH to call home!
  • The goal is to work with you to DELIVER a stress-free, seamless and timely result. This fee-based service is designed for those where time is of the essence and expertise is priceless.

LIFT Elevated Home Design

Are you looking to furnish your rental property but have no idea where to begin? Perhaps you want to create a more polished and cohesive look to rent it out successfully to tenants who will appreciate it. Or maybe you have a certain vision for your home but you don’t know how to make it a reality?

Your home needs to be presented in the best possible light that inspires your future tenant. We believe it doesn’t take much but certainly knowing what needs to change, and implementing these upgrades where needed, can be the significant difference between renting your property out quickly or having it sit vacant. We will assess your home with an honest eye so you can avoid lowering your monthly rental rate because the space was not properly refreshed. Our goal is to rent your home at its maximum market potential and see increases in your ROI, not decreases in your monthly revenue stream.

We have partnered with Melanie Boivin from LIFT Elevated Home Design on an exclusive basis to offer our existing and future clients the opportunity to collaborate with her one on one. We want our clients to utilize her keen sense of style and vision to furnish their properties. In our competitive market, it is critical to understand what is necessary to improve your space which will in turn set it apart from other rental units. You will work with a professional who will advise you on what is required to transform your home and she will provide you with options based on your budget. Defining where you spend your ‘upgrade’ dollars can be a ‘make it or break it’ decision. Choose wisely with the help of an expert.


“Unique Accommodations exemplifies top notch service that is highly effective and unique in today's rental property management industry. They have a multitude of quality property options for tenants and are well connected in the corporate, relocation and film industry, offering a large database of quality tenants for property owners. Feedback has always been fantastic after referring to Unique - whether a client is looking for a luxury waterfront vacation home or needs property management services for their downtown condo, they are in great hands.”

Jenna Van Alstine, Real Estate Advisor, Rennie & Associates Realty