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About Vancouver East Side

The East Side of Vancouver is home to our very own 'little Italy' on the popular Commercial Drive. Industrial style lofts are a common sight along with updated single-family homes.

East Van, as it is often called, has found enormous favour with the young and hip; and, in natural succession, young families. Plentiful parks, organic markets and cultural festivals make this neighbourhood one of the most eclectic hubs in Vancouver - while always maintaining its authenticity and sense of community.

East Van actually holds most of the 'towns' in the Greater Vancouver area including: Crosstown, Railtown, Gastown, Chinatown and Downtown. If you're planning to drive a car, the biggest highway in Vancouver is right beside you.

Just as people seek out North Vancouver for its nature - East Van offers its inhabitants a lifestyle surrounded by Vancouver's artistic community and a more edgy sense of style.

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Available Rentals in Vancouver East Side